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Best Customized Platinum Catalysts Manufacturers

 Best Platinum Catalyst Manufacturers

SIME GROUP Catalytic Screens

Sime Group specializes in the manufacture of customized precious metal catalysts for ammonia oxidation, sulfur separation, alcohol oxidation and carbon dioxide.

Platinum Catalyst Manufacturers

Computer program and simulation of reactor performance in the laboratory

Laboratory-scale tests Using a laboratory-scale reactor, ammonia oxidation tests in air are performed in different cracks to validate ammonia conversion and catalyst selectivity, and tissue deactivation by the formation of oxides is also evaluated. platinum and rhodium on the surface.

Platinum Catalysts

Special threads in precious metals

Our catalysts are manufactured with high quality standards, with high-tech equipment of German quality, to guarantee a homogeneous and durable fabric.

Best Platinum Catalyst Manufacturers


The catalysts manufactured by Sime Grupo are manufactured by expert hands with equipment exclusively designed to create works of art, patented fabrics and designed to guarantee maximum efficiency and minimum possible oxidation.

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