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About us?

Meet SIME GROUP REFINERY SAS, We are a company that carries out the transformation of precious metals. We carry out the entire process from its refining to the manufacture of products. We specialize in platinum and all the metals in its group, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We have expert staff with more than 30 years in Materials Engineering.

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máquina de la industria
máquina de la industria


We are the only company in Central and South America that deals with Precious Metals, from its refining to its manufacture, especially Platinum and the metals of its group.


We dedicate all our effort to the development, research and manufacture of industrial products such as: crucibles, targets, wires, dental alloys, pellets, etc .; in the chemical, aerospace, electronic, dental, cement, medical and scientific sectors. For which we have state-of-the-art technology and a qualified human team.


SIME GROUP REFINERY SAS. bases its Institutional Mission on three fundamental pillars: Research, which involves innovation technologies, production standardization, for the management of new products, and production that guarantees the delivery of excellent quality products, in the agreed times and at competitive prices in the international market.

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To position ourselves globally, as one of the companies specialized in the processing and manufacturing of products made with precious metals, especially Platinum and the metals of its group.

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